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In March 2018 the NSW Government amended the Gaming Machines Act 2001 to permit Gaming Machine Entitlements (GME's) to be lease between hotels

Why use a Property Manager for your GME?

Property Management actually makes you money. We are always looking to position your GME where the rental can be maximised. Our knowledge and expertise in the marketplace ensures the best returns.


Property Management saves you time and headaches. We issue tax invoices, track the rental payments, collect late fees and find you quality lessee's.


Using Property Management is more likely to have your GME leased. We know the renters and are able to advise against those who have a poor history. Our marketing and advertising will provide a more extensive pool of applicants to rent your GME.


How much do you know about the Gaming Machines Act? One of the biggest advantages to hiring a professional Property Manager is the ability to avoid some legal hassles and endanger your GME. If you need to recover your entitlement for non-payment etc. then an experienced Property Manager will know how to handle this, saving you time and money whilst staying within the boundaries of the law.


When using a Property Management company, you are able to keep a professional distance from those leasing your GME. Getting too personally involved can result in being too lenient. Renting out GME's is a business and it is much easier for a property manager to keep things on a strictly professional level. When issues arise, a professional property manager is better prepared to deal with the problem effectively.


The Property Stock & Business Agents Act and Regulations control the management of assets such as Gaming Machine Entitlements.


All funds are paid to our trust account where they are then disbursed as directed by you.

Poker Machine Entitlements

GMEs FOR SALE    *  6 GMEs (no forfeiture) $500,000 + GST per each    *  3 Blocks (land 2 GMEs) $1mil + GST per block    *  1 Country single $500,000 + GST

9 GME's For Lease

 2023 We now have 9 Gaming Machine Entitlements for lease. The block of 9 can be leased as a whole or may be broken up into smaller lots. Annual rentals commence from $25,000 + GST Term may be 1 to 5 years

Poker Entitlements Wanted Urgently

We have several buyers keen to purchase country singles and city blocks of entitlements. Please contact Nick on 0417 252 199.
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