Our Latest Properties For Sale
Our Latest Properties For Sale
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Pubs up for Lease

Ensure a High Return on Pubs Up for Lease in NSW

The net return on a leasehold property is higher than on a freehold going concern, and this holds true for pubs up for lease as well. This has resulted in leasehold properties being more enticing for those wishing to enter the hospitality industry. Let our team of professionals find the right property for your vision.

Why Trust Chris Tinning & Co Regarding Pub Leases for Sale

Pubs for lease are an opportunity not to be passed up. 

  • Experience: We have been in this industry for more than three decades. Our experience in correctly identifying properties which match your requirements, negotiating and our consultancy services ensure that you are equipped to purchase and operate your own leasehold pub successfully.
  • Liquor license: Our services extend to the purchase of a liquor license.  
  • Consultancy: We will not negotiate the sale and leave you high and dry, you can make use of our consultancy services until you are ready to switch to just a few management services instead, or keep us as consultants in select areas of managing your business longer term.

What You Can Expect from Chris Tinning & Co with Regards to Hotel Leases for Sale

Before purchasing leasehold hotels that are for sale, carefully consider the high demands of this industry. The market for motel leaseholds for sale is an active and sometimes volatile arena, which can be merciless to the inexperienced participant.

  • Guidance: Once you have decided to partake in the hospitality market actively, you face a seemingly insurmountable amount of red tape and decisions. Successfully negotiating these is a challenge our team of professionals has down pat. Don't let ignorance sink your dream.
  • Confidentiality: When negotiating price and terms, confidentiality is paramount. The market often perceives a change of ownership or management in a negative connotation. To avoid this, we ensure negotiations are kept under wrap until the most opportune time for announcing the change, which our team can determine as part of a marketing strategy.
  • Services: You might be excellent at front desk operations yet require assistance in other departments. Make use of our various services which range from management, training and assessments to forecasting, which can positively contribute to the success of your business.

Tips Regarding Hotel, Motel and Pub Leases for Sale

If you, as the new owner of a leasehold property, can increase turnover which results in increasing profits, there is potential for capital growth. Be mindful of the slogan that risk equals return.

  • Lease: The lease is an important asset, which we can ensure is structured to protect your business, as well as the landlord's freehold investment, by confirming explicit responsibilities of the landlord and tenant are listed in a concise yet detailed manner. 
  • Knowledgeable advisors: To ensure the safety of your investment, make use of our knowledgeable and tertiary trained team. We are experienced in the purchase and operations of leasehold properties, and our membership of the New South Wales Hotel Brokers Association ensures that we are held accountable at every level.
  • Stock, bad debts and staff: A specialised labour force is vital to curtail losses and attract returning clients. Our services include training staff or supplying all the staff you need.

Why Customers Should Use Chris Tinning & Co

Our expertise in this field is invaluable, and our team of professionals will guide you through each step of the process, while ensuring you fully understand terminology, process and negotiation proceedings.

Don't let a diamond slip through your fingers because you were busy reading the fine print. We will do that for you. Call us and find out more.

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