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Our Latest Properties For Sale
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Pub for Sale Wagga Wagga

Pubs for Sale in Wagga Wagga from Industry Leaders Chris Tinning & Co

At Chris Tinning & Company, we know the hospitality industry in-depth and offer pubs for sale in Wagga Wagga. We are not just brokers; however, instead, we are fully dedicated to the hospitality industry and offer management and consultancy services, among others that will help your new investment remain profitable.

What Sets Chris Tinning & Co Apart Regarding Pub Brokers in Wagga Wagga

Simply put, our experience and knowledge set us apart in the hospitality industry. If you are looking to purchase a bar or need a hotel broker in Wagga Wagga, we are here to assist in both the sale and the management of your property afterwards, should you desire those services. 

  • Our founder, Chris Tinning, began as a liquor representative and soon found the need for a country-based hotel brokerage firm, creating Chris Tinning & Co from the ground up and filling it with staff skilled in every aspect of the hospitality industry. We know the business and know how to make your new pub profitable.
  • Our acquaintance with the hospitality industry will give you the edge you need to succeed with your pub. We are not just brokers who leave you on your own the moment the sale closes. With our other services, including consultancy and management services, you will get the most out of your investment.
  • The hospitality industry is incredibly varied, so if you are getting involved in it, you want to deal with a broker such as Chris Tinning & Co because our team of experts have experience in every aspect of the industry. 

Why Trust Chris Tinning & Co Regarding Bar Brokers in Wagga Wagga

With our decades of experience as brokers for everything from bars and pubs to hotels and motels, we excel in every aspect of the industry. Over the years, we have proven ourselves as dedicated to the hospitality industry and not only offering properties but services to make sure those properties run well and profitably.

  • We have experience with properties available for auction, lease, and freehold. You will get quality and experienced service from our skilled team in the hospitality industry.
  • We are an Australian owned and operated company. We care about our community because we are members of it and not some fly by night operation that will disappear the moment the contract is signed.
  • Our services go far beyond that of a brokerage. These management and consultancy services give you more options to make sure your investment turns a profit.

Why You Should Use Chris Tinning & Co

At Chris Tinning & Co, we are entirely dedicated to the hospitality industry and providing you with the best service and advice on running your business smoothly and profitably. If you want to invest in the hospitality industry, you want to work with hospitality aficionados.

Contact us today if you are interested in any of our services, including acting as your motel broker in Wagga Wagga.

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