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Our Latest Properties For Sale
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Pubs For Lease NSW

Interested in Pubs for Lease in NSW? We Can Help Find the Perfect Pub

At Chris Tinning & Co, we help you locate pubs for lease in NSW, as well as other investment opportunities. Our team is composed of experienced hospitality professionals who can help you find the right property, manage operations, or provide guidance to create a successful business.

Why Trust Chris Tinning & Company Regarding Hotels For Lease in NSW

Our country brokerage firm will assist you in finding an investment property that suits your requirements, whether it's a pub, hotel, motel, or other property. 

  • Our company is a proud, family-owned Australian business. Chris Tinning was an experienced liquor representative and stock and station agent when he started the company in 1979. His wife, Marie, has always been involved in Chris' work and joined him in this new venture. Their son, Nicholas, has a background in property valuation as well as hotel and motel property management. He has been a part of the company for thirty years.
  • We offer our clients a range of services. From locating a motel for lease or for sale to providing short term or long-term business advice tailored to your property and income goals. We have been both hotel and motel owners and managers, allowing us to address your specific requirements or questions whether you are interested in developing a marketing plan or would like a renovation and repair analysis.
  • Our team follows market trends and seeks out the latest information for ourselves and our clients. We stay up to date, so we can provide our clients with relevant information and help them make informed decisions. 

What You Can Expect from Chris Tinning & Company Regarding Motels for Lease in NSW

There are many benefits to working with a team of professional brokers, including:

  • Professional service - We have been in the hospitality industry for a long time and understand what it takes to succeed as a hotel owner or manager. Chris is an active member of the New South Wales Hotel Brokers Association. Our business aligns with the association's code of ethics and maintains high customer service standards. As a member of the association, we have the opportunity to network with other members, increasing our ability to locate the right property for our clients.
  • Quality listings - Our listings include hotels, motels, pubs, and other properties that are up for auction, lease, or freehold. Not seeing a suitable property in our listing? Contact us to discuss your requirements, as not all properties are listed publicly.
  • Market knowledge - We have been operating in New South Wales for a long time and have a deep understanding of the past and current property market. We can guide you to find the right hospitality property in a location that suits your vision and goals.

About Chris Tinning & Company

Our team of professional brokers are happy to serve the New South Wales area, offering brokerage, consultation, management, and other specialist services. Our breadth of experience and industry knowledge allows us to help you make decisions that align with your vision and will grow your business. 

Contact us for more information.

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