Our Latest Properties For Sale
Our Latest Properties For Sale
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Old Hotels for Sale

Chris Tinning & Co Offers Old Hotels for Sale 

At Chris Tinning & Co, we know the hospitality industry in New South Wales and provide old hotels for sale as well as liquor licenses. We don't just sell them; we have a dedicated team of hospitality professionals that have experience with all aspects of the hospitality industry. In addition to sales, we offer consultancy and management services to help you get the most out of your new investments.

What You Can Expect from Chris Tinning & Co Regarding Old Hotels for Sale

Experience and expertise in the hospitality industry are what you can expect when you are in the market for old hotels. We have been in the business for over 30 years and consider ourselves fully dedicated to the hospitality industry.

  • As our team has extensive experience in the hospitality industry, you are not just dealing with a brokerage trying to sell a property. We have the expertise not only to find you the best hotel to fit your needs but to help you ensure that it becomes a profitable investment.
  • In addition to hotels and motels, we offer old pubs for sale. With our background in the liquor industry, we can help you through the application process to get the liquor license for your pub.
  • We handle all types of listings including, freeholds, leases, and auctions and have agreements with several major property companies to sell properties on their behalf.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Old Motels For Sale

Motels are investments into existing businesses, growing businesses that require management. If you purchase a hotel from a brokerage with no experience in the hospitality industry, you might as well be going in blind. With the consultancy and management services we at Chris Tinning & Co offer, you are in a better place to profit.

  • Maximise your return with our management services. You can control your level of involvement, even turning the day to day management of your new property over to our experienced hands. 
  • The hospitality industry contains a vast variety of businesses and business styles. Our consultancy service relies on our experience in all aspects of the industry, and we provide short- and long-term consultancy tailored to your individual business needs.
  • In addition to those services, we also provide additional services, including business plans and financial forecasts, marketing plans, and renovation & repair analysis.

About Chris Tinning & Co

For over 30 years, Chris Tinning & Co has concentrated on the sale of pubs and liquor licenses in New South Wales. This business grew out of Chris Tinning's time as a liquor representative when in 1976 he realised the need for a hotel brokerage firm. From there, we have only grown and now offer management and consultancy services as well. Our dedicated staff is made up of people with experience in every aspect of the hospitality industry.

If you are interested in any of our services, including our listings for old pubs for sale, contact us today.

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