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Our Latest Properties For Sale
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Motels for Sale South Coast NSW

Let Us Help You Find Motels for Sale in South Coast NSW 

Are you trying to find motels for sale in South Coast NSW? Reach out to Chris Tinning & Co for assistance in finding the right hotel for you. Our team of professionals present you with numerous options for hotels and pubs that are available for purchase. 

Why Trust Chris Tinning & Co Regarding Hotels for Sale in South Coast NSW? 

We strive to be a reliable company that maintains an up-to-date selection of hotels for sale in South Coast NSW. A few reasons why you can count on us in this industry include: 

  • Easy access to available properties: Our team works tirelessly to ensure that our list of available hotels, motels and pubs are always current. The listings include hotels available as investment properties and freehold and leasehold hotels for sale. Click here for more information about these options. 
  • Market research: Are you on the fence about purchasing motels? Do you want more information about how the industry is doing? Let us help. Our team conducts periodic market research to give you a synopsis of the current status of the industry. 
  • Friendly customer service: We understand that buying a hotel may feel like a risky investment. Our team is here to provide you with unique insight into this growing field. We are here to answer any of your questions or concerns to ensure that you feel comfortable with your decision. 

When Buying Pubs for Sale in South Coast NSW Consider This 

There are essential details you should consider before you finalise your decision on one of our pubs for sale in South Coast NSW such as: 

  • Proximity to hotels: At the end of a long night of merriment, the last thing that you want for your pub patrons to do is try to drive themselves home. Selecting a bar that is close to or within walking distance of a hotel is enticing for customers and may encourage them to stay at your venue longer. 
  • Scope out parking: Ensuring that your location has adequate parking is a key factor to its success. If you choose an area that has minimal parking or one that doesn't have easy access to a parking lot, you run the risk of turning away potential customers that become frustrated when they can't find a safe place to leave their car. 
  • Finances: While you can always renovate the interior and exterior aesthetics, budgeting can quickly become an issue. If the property appears to require much work, think about how much you are willing to spend not only on buying the property but on renovating it to meet your standards. 

About Chris Tinning & Co 

With 30 years of experience in the industry, Chris Tinning & Company has grown to become a go-to company for a quality selection of hotels, motels and pubs for sale. We offer a variety of services related to the hospitality industry, including short- and long-term consultancy and guidance in acquiring a liquor licence. 
For more information about our current listings, send us a message. 

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