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Our Latest Properties For Sale
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Motels For Sale NSW

Finding Motels For Sale in NSW

Purchasing Motels For Sale in NSW can be rewarding with the right investment choice. You'll need help to find and evaluate the best properties available in New South Wales. At Chris Tinning & Co we are happy to help. With three decades of experience and trained brokerage assistants, we are the primary motel seller in NSW. We also provide a variety of other specialist services to help you get your new business up and running efficiently.

Consider This When Looking at Hotel Motels For Sale

Whether it is your first or tenth motel, we help you consider the optimal choices.

  • Prior Revenue: The business likely had a previous owner, and it is important to find out what the revenue was before. This allows you to make an estimate on your return on investment and help ensure the safety of your purchase.
  • Size: Keep in mind how large a property you want to manage. There will always be a wide variety of properties for sale. If you don't feel ready to tackle a 35 bedroom motel, don't buy one. Know what size you are looking for before you start investing so we can narrow your search.
  • Location: Where a property is situated can vastly change the appeal due to nearby points of interest. You want to make sure your property is both accessible and desirable to travellers. We focus on motels for sale in NSW, Wollongong and Hunter Valley areas.

Tips Regarding Motels

Making your motel stand out to travellers how you will generate income, which means providing a one of a kind experience with both appearance and service.

  • Refurbish: Some construction may be in order to make your new property fit your image. It is important to consider whether the space is set up efficiently. Perhaps you need to knock down a wall to create an elite suite or add a jacuzzi for luxury. Whatever you decide, move quickly so you can get it up and running in no time.
  • Theming: The personality of your space will always be a selling point for guests. Providing a fun background for visitors to relax in will make all the difference. Redecoration is likely in order after refurbishing to help pull people in and keep them coming back.
  • Staffing: You can't run a property as a one-man show, which is why you will need quality managerial support. Issues with revenue are most commonly caused by poor operating managers, so it is vital to find people you can trust with your business. Chris Tinning & Co provides managerial assistance services to help set up staffing and operations. These services allow you to choose your level of involvement.

Chris Tinning & Co has been providing reliable motel, hotel and liquor sale services in the NSW area for over 30 years. Our friendly and dedicated team have experience in all aspects of hospitality sales and management. Get all the help you need in one place. From staffing to revenue forecasting, we're here for you.

Contact us today to guarantee reliable service from start to finish.

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