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Labor's smoking review leave pubs "in no man's land"

Author: Enotia Support
News Date: 21/4/2015 3:26 PM
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Saturday, 28 July 2007

The New South Wales opposition has criticised the government's handling of new smoking laws in the state's pubs and clubs.

The new laws - banning smoking across most of the premises - are already under review, jeopardising $850 million worth of renovations.

Reports suggest the partial smoking bans could be scrapped and a total ban imposed. A government report is recommending the so-called 75:25 rule be replaced by a complete enclosed areas ban on smoking.

The news has sparked fury from shadow gaming minister George Souris.

"Hotels and clubs have invested up to $850 million over the last two years on renovations to be compliant with new smoking laws which restrict smoking to areas that are 25 per cent open," Mr Souris said.

"Barely a month has passed and the Labor government, fresh into a fixed four year term and with a Premier who is rapidly losing interest in his job, is changing the ground rules and potentially leaving NSW pubs and clubs needing to respond to millions of dollars in further renovations to their venues as soon as September."

"This is a clear failure of the Labor government to properly consult with the pub and club industry over these changes. How many more millions of dollars will the Iemma Government force NSW pubs and clubs to waste by further bungled smoking legislation?"

"If Labor gets away with this the industry's wasted investment will ultimately be borne by hotel and club patrons."

Mr Souris said the club industry had a right to be angry with the state government about the smoking laws being reviewed so soon after their introduction.

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