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Bi Annual alcohol excise strikes again

Author: Nick Tinning
News Date: 31/1/2019 11:23 AM
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The Australian Tax Office has advised that alcohol excise duty rates will increase again from the 4th February 2019. The February 19 CPI indexation factor is set at 1.010.

Excise rates for alcohol are indexed twice a year in line with the CPI - in February and August.

Link to the ATO

I know most industry bodies are fighting against this exponential bi-annual tax grab ….. no lobby group seems to be able to gain any traction. Well maybe it is up to those who are in the front line; either pass this on to the consumer or see your margins eroded.

We need the consumer to help us fight the battle.

Information is key - I have attached a flyer many are putting up around the bar or on the counter, feel free to print and use this.

Good luck in the fight.

Download Flyer

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