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Our Latest Properties For Sale
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Country Pubs for Sale NSW

Profitable Country Pubs For Sale NSW by Chris Tinning & Co's Team

For more than three decades, our dedicated team of professionals has been working in the hospitality industry in NSW, selling and organising hotels, motels, liquor licences and country pubs for sale in NSW.

Benefits of Chris Tinning & Co

Having owned and managed various hospitality institutions over the years, our experience in this field positions us to comprehensively assist you to be proactive and make informed business decisions.
  • - Management: The hospitality industry requires a management style that is comprehensive and addresses trading profits and losses, discrepancies in cash receipts and effectively resolves customer complaints. We offer a management team with tertiary training and hands-on management experience in all aspects of the hospitality industry.
  • - Brokerage: Our expertise covers various forms of sale, including a private treaty, tender and auction, enabling us to successfully negotiate these sales transactions. Due to the public being sensitive to changes, we frequently ensure a clandestine approach to negotiations - at least until they reach a point of our choosing.
  • - Consultancy: The consultancy services we offer are often called upon to ensure efficient labour utilisation, minimising of operating expenses or for budgeting and financial forecasting purposes. We can train your staff, streamline your purchasing procedure, assist you with your liquor licence application and more.

A Short Buyer's Guide for Country Motels for Sale

The reasons for showing an interest in country hotels and motels for sale are varied. For some people, it may be a short-term investment, while for others it is a long term commitment. Regardless of the reason, here are a few key points to keep in mind.
  • Acquisition criteria: Ensure you can answer a few simple questions as to what your reason is for purchasing a motel or hotel. Is it a trophy asset and are you considering operating it yourself? If you are adding to your existing portfolio, have you considered if it is a good fit which will result in economies of scale, or perhaps gives greater geographical scope to your current portfolio? Our team can guide you through this daunting maze of questions.
  • Due diligence: Appoint a good, experienced team like ours to conduct a thorough investigation to uncover any material issues which can be dealt with up front. For example, a matter such as contractual protections. This is our area of expertise, and we understand the complexities around purchasing an operational business, as opposed to a real estate asset.
  • Negotiations: By joining hands with us for these types of transactions, you can rest assured that we will negotiate robust warranties and indemnities, while also paying attention to securing the correct price.

What Sets Chris Tinning & Co Apart Regarding Country Pubs for Sale Freehold

When you consider purchasing a country pub for sale, make use of our specialist services
  • Analysis: Our Situation Analysis is a report which outlines the value of various interests in your property and indicates the best sale method for maximum returns.
  • Assessment and forecasts: Being brokers keeps us close to market expectations, enabling us to prepare an independent pre-purchase assessment of your hospitality property. We can prepare financial forecasts and business plans which include cash flow budgets, market analysis and competitor comparisons.
  • Marketing and management: Extensive market research - combined with internal audits - identifies market trends from which we devise effective strategies to generate immediate cash flow, developing your brand and focussing on distinctive property competencies to develop a loyal customer base.

To successfully run a business requires more than passion. It requires a relentless management acumen to ensure a solid backbone on which a business can develop and grow.

About Chris Tinning & Co

This family-owned and operated business, started by Chris Tinning and his wife in 1976, is established and trusted, with a dedicated team of professionals who focus on the hospitality industry in NSW, by selling hotels, motels and obtaining liquor licences. We are a member of the New South Wales Hotel Brokers Association and strictly adhere to their code of conduct.

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