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Our Latest Properties For Sale
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Dream of owning a country pub?

Poker Machines:0
Rooms to Let:6 Hotel style
Bars:Single Bar Service
Restaurant:Seats 26
Bottle Shop:Over bar
Construction:Single storey rammed concrete
Residence:single bedsit style


Ashley & Kylie Gibbins have owned the Shamrock Hotel for the past 3 years and have invested, time, effort and substantial money to improve the facilities of the hotel for the greater comfort of the patrons.


During this time the trading pattern of the hotel has been intermittent, also running an orchard and the demands of a young family has taken its toll on the business of the Shamrock Hotel.


Currently operating from Thursday to Sunday for very limited hours there is plenty of scope to take this business forward.


The tight knit village population swells with tourists for each of Iandra Castle open days.


The hotel sits on a large land holding that lends itself to "free camping" or a myriad of other uses.

With the price reduced to that of the raw asset - how can you loose? 

Ring and make an appointment to inspect today.

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