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Our Latest Properties For Sale
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Big "O" Drive Thru - Cootamundra

Bottle Shop:Bottlemart
Construction:Single Storey Brick
Weekly Sales:$16,500 +


On the 19thAugust 2015, a new Retail Liquor License was granted allowing the Bottleshop to trade independent from the old Olympic Hotel liquor license.

Having commenced trading on the 15thSeptember 2014 under the Olympic Hotel Liquor License the business has moved from strength to strength.

Estimated annual sales for the first year were $750,000 …. The business has far exceeded this with $837,000 achieved!

Estimated for the second 12 months is $1,000,000 annual sales, and the following year $125,000 …. All are realistic expectations.

One of the advantages of such a business is the ease of operation and low overheads so maximising profit.

A service based business with the competitive advantage of drive in …. The only one in town.

Part of the successful "Bottlemart" group, the purchasing power and support is regularly provided to a new operator.

The Big "O" Drive Thru will suit someone entering the industry or an experienced operator looking for a complete business in a great location.

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