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2011 The year of decisions

What a start to 2011; flood events through the eastern states to replace droughts, record value of the $A against the $US and Australian cr...

Local Property News

What is said here is most important for those selling hotels today:
There is a...

PME's - OLGR Reducing SIA's

Aug 2010
Poker Machine Entitlements (PME'S) ...


Placed in receivership in Feb 2009. Offered for sale by Auction in April 2009 but was passed in.
Chris Ti...

Royal Hotel - Cooma SOLD at Auction

Thursday July the 8th.
Following bidding between 2 parties the Royal Hotel at Cooma has been sold.
Both bidders were local and this furthe...

Hotel and Motel Solutions

For over 30 years Chris Tinning & Company have specialised in the sale of hotels and liquor licences in all areas of New South Wales, Australia. This country based hotel brokerage firm is totally dedicated to the hospitality industry, predominatly hotels and motels, and has developed the reputation of being considered experts in the industry.

Chris Tinning & Company provides a dedicated team of hospitality professionals with experience in all aspects of the hospitality industry. Please take this opportunity to browse through some of our listings including properties available For Auction, Lease and Freehold. Register your interest in purchasing a hospitality property on our Enquiry Form and be kept up to date with new listings as they come in. Peruse the various Services that we offer and utilise our listing of relevant Links.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

The Top Pub - Pambula

Commercial Hotel Pambula

  • Solid trading history over many years
  • Additional land for development
  • Easy and cost efficient to operate
  • South Coast -What a location
  • Further details under Freehold Hotels for sale

Chris Tinning and Company

ph 02 69253544 or Nick Tinning 0417 252 199


New 12 year Lease.

  • Only 2 hotels in town
  • Average weekly T/O $14592 incl gaming
  • Rent $1400 per week
  • Asking Price $135,000


Drive in Bottle Shop

Regional freehold drive in.

Turnover $40,000 pw

Net $200,000

Asking $800,000


Single Storey Hotel/Motel

in South Coast area Highway position, 5 PME's, 4 Motel Units.

T/O $10,500 pw. Asking $675,000.


Two Storey Brick Hotel

  • within hour's drive from Tamworth.
  • 5 entitlements. T/O $14,500 pw.
  • S.C. private flat.
  • Letting rooms.
  • Good inspection
  • Asking $800,000.


Riverina Freehold

Renovated & updated. High proflie situation in town Centre.

15 pme's. TAB, Letting Rooms. T/O $27,300.

Asking $2.55m

Please Phone 02 69253544 to find out further details.

Red Steer Hotel Motel - Wagga Wagga

A Home & Business

  • 11 Motel Units
  • Bar
  • Restaurant

$750,000 Freehold Vacant Possession

Further details under Hotels for sale.

For further information please contact Nick 0417252199,

Chris 0428693348, or 02 69253544 all hours.

Chris Tinning & Company - Tel: + 61 2 6925 3544 - Fax: + 61 2 6925 4641 - Email:
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